STRICTLY For Rebel Affiliate Marketers ONLY  

Are You Fighting Facebook To Run Your Affiliate Business?

Then Give Me 2 Days and I’ll Show You How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time
Greetings money-hungry affiliate marketer, 

If you know me then you know I love helping people. But I especially love helping those who are starting their Facebook operations and are HUNGRY for success!

It’s always given me a huge kick. 

However that’s not what this is all about. 

So if you’re offended by pure greed then I suggest you stop reading now.

Because from here on in this is all information is all about money and lots of it.  
This workshop is not for everyone.
It’s strictly only for affiliate marketers who would walk through a brick wall to get their hands on as much money as possible. This is not for everybody because Facebook marketing is no longer for everybody.

Sounds like you? 

Great! Keep reading because here’s what it’s all about.  

I’m inviting just 20 affiliate marketers who are prepared to go to extreme lengths to create vast sums of money by exploiting Facebook. 

I’m talking about pure greed. 

The kind of money-lust which makes Jordan “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Belfort- the man who blew cocaine up the asses of hookers and sank his multi-million dollar yacht - look tame.  

First class travel, the best hotels and a life most people don’t even know exists, let alone could afford.
In this two day workshop I’ll be spilling every secret and strategy I know about creating smash-hit campaigns on Facebook which rake in the cash.
Have you been wondering how it is that all the super affiliates are keep smashing it on Facebook while you’re just getting your accounts shut down over and over again without any significant profit made?

If you’re on the look for that underground information no one is willing to share - you’re at the right place! That’s exactly what this workshop is about!

You’ll discover how to accelerate your results with whitehat and blackhat techniques. 

And I’ll be putting you in direct contact with my most trusted contacts who can help you with everything you need to go ballistic. 

It’s only for you if you’re that very rare type of person who lives life on the edge of society. 

And of course it’s only for you if you can afford it. 

The price isn’t outrageous ... frankly it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what you’re spending every single day - and how much you’re going to make as a result.

Odds are you’ll pay it back in less than a week. 
And 3 people will pay it back instantly with 3 prizes of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000USD going to 3 lucky attendees.
Global CPA Network Leadbit are throwing in 3 massive prizes for attendees of this workshop of $3,000USD, $2,000USD and $1,000USD which means 3 attendees will get massive payoffs instantly. 

And there aren’t many competitions throwing a contest to a room of just 20 people. Imagine gaining the knowledge to create a fortune online and picking up a cool $3grand on the way out the door. All you need to do is be the fastest to send 1000 leads before end of 2017 to qualify.
However I’m not telling you what your investment is here. You have to get on a qualification call with me personally to see if you even qualify to be the room. 

What I will say is - Do you think I would spend my precious time with you just for money? I’m not an eager lawyer who exchanges her time for money! If we do something together it will be only about something I’m super passionate about and I expect the same from you!

And your investment is a fraction of your earning potential, so if you’re smart you’ll come along, extract every drop of information out of me and then we can talk about one-on-one if you want. 

However odds are your head will be spinning with what you learn so you won’t need to.
Listen, in case you think you can just throw money at me to be here then I’ve got bad news for you. 

I don’t care how much money you’ve got or you’re willing to pay. 

I won’t have you in the room if you aren’t the right fit. How do you know if you’re the right fit?
The best word to describe you is obsessed.
More specifically ... 

• You must be spending at least prepared to spend $X,XXX a day on media buys, and preferably over $XX,XXX

• You must be completely deadly serious about making obscene amounts of money as an affiliate marketer

• You must be prepared to work hours and hours a day to rake in over a million dollars in the next 12 months

• You must already be an affiliate marketer who knows how to set up ad campaigns 

• You must already have some campaigns doing big numbers with other traffic sources

• And you must be sick and tired of Facebook shutting down your accounts, not letting you get onto their support people and for changing the rules over and over again, taking your campaigns from huge profits to virtually nothing overnight. 

If you’re not then don’t come. This isn’t for you, and that’s OK because it’s not for everyone. 

Most people want a fun, relaxing environment to learn in. 

Not here ... no chance in hell. 

Over two days you’re going to be giving blood, sweat and tears as we go through everything I know about creating monster affiliate campaigns.
You’re going to be working to the bone. 

It’ll be fast and you have to keep up. 

Not a second is wasted. 

We’ll be working late, we’ll be living off coffee and chocolate and you’re going to be completely drained at the end of the day. 

I’m going to pump tactics and strategies into you so fast your head will feel like it’s going to explode. 

And since every bit of information is worth money to you you’re going to love every second of it. 

Sound great? Good! 

Because I love it too and this means you’ll be in the right room. 

Now as you’ve probably guessed I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. 

In private I’m really nice. 

However at this workshop the nice girl disappears because …
When it comes to money I go straight for where the big $$$ are
When I get into a workshop I’m as hard as nails. 

There’ll be no dance music playing when you get here. 

You won’t be hugging your neighbour (unless you want to of course, it’s a free world), or sharing your ‘feelings’ with the guy or girl in the seat next to you. 

There’s no pretty workbook or bag of goodies to take home with you either. 

If you don’t like this then go see Tony Robbins. He’ll make you feel good but he won’t make you any money.

Screw that. 

Making money is my job. Lots and lots of money. And you’ll be working like a Roman slave just to keep up. Which is great because you and I both know money doesn’t flow to lazy people.
I am one of the most sought after advisors on affiliate marketing in the world.

And you can ONLY get underground information like this from me. Why? Because very few people have this knowledge. And those who do choose not to share it ... and I don’t blame them.
Click on the video and find out what Marco had to say about one of these workshops.
You can get heaps of information on Facebook marketing from hundreds of experts. 

And none of them will reveal what I’m revealing in this room.  


Because none of them know what I know. 

Ready? OK then let me ask you how badly you’d love to:
- Secure hundreds of accounts and make them last longer before getting shut down (not a few days like most affiliate marketers)

- Send Facebook staff to approved pages while sending everyone else to the dirty stuff which makes the money

- Have the exact steps to setting up dozens of accounts and warm them up so you’re ready to go to war in only 7 days – not a month like most affiliate marketers 

- Have access to credit cards and banking partners who will supply you with all the accounts you need ... 100% legally 

- Be able to read your ad reports and instantly spot where your campaigns aren’t working so you can turn a loser into a massive winner with a couple of minor changes

- Ruthlessly maximize the conversions of your campaigns to maximize your ROI in minimum time

And live the kind of life I live. 

If you do then you’re in for a seriously good time.

Listen, I work hard. 

I do a lot of long hours in front of my laptop testing new ideas and creating winning campaigns on Facebook.

And sure the hours are long but when it’s time to play I play big time. I’m only 26 yet look at the amazing life I get to lead:
Chilling with Max Verstappen at 
the Red Bull Energy Station @ Formula1
Checking stats in Monaco – the perfect reward for another successful campaign 
Messing about on luxury yachts 
Speaking in front of 1500 people 
@ AWA in Bangkok
Welcome Speaker 
@ Affiliate Meetup in Xi'an, China
It’s amazing the places you 
can make money from 
Why drive when you can fly? 
Treating my mom with 
a luxury trip to Japan!
That’s how you drink 
a bottle of champagne at XS in Vegas  
A spot of shopping – girl style! 
Cosmopolitan @ Las Vegas ;)
Mariokarting on the streets of TOKYO  
Always traveling in style and comfort!
Looks like fun?

You bet! It sure is. However it’s no accident. 

I’ve been obsessed for the last 12 years knowing as much as, if not more than probably any other person on the planet.
Question: Are you as obsessed as I am?
Listen, this workshop is only for you if you’re completely and utterly fanatical about affiliate marketing. 

I’m talking about slaving away 16 hours a day and more, totally surviving on coffee and biscuits. 

Reading for an hour just to find one tiny nugget of information to get a slight boost in your campaign’s CTR or landing page conversion. 

Or hanging around all night to jump on a 5 minute call with one of your heroes. 

You’ve probably given up all your friends who want to lead an ordinary 9-5 life. That isn’t you.

Listen, it’s a tough life and it’s not for everyone. It’s only for a very rare type of person. 

Perhaps like me. 

My obsession started as a 14 year old when my father gave me an eBook on affiliate marketing. Somehow I knew deep down I had to devour everything in the book. 

Which led to my first problem. It was in English and I only spoke Hungarian, so I spent my entire summer holidays translating every word on those 200 pages into English and devouring every single sentence. 

Sure I was obsessed, but you know what that feels like, right?

Still, even though I studied that book like my life depended on it things weren’t that easy. The book wasn’t that great and I struggled to make any money. 

However all that changed one day when I got an envelope in the mail from one of the CPA Networks. I ripped open that envelope and inside was a cheque for a whopping $120!
And yeah, sure that was a bit of an anti-climax. Except for me it wasn’t. It showed I could make money doing this and I was more determined than ever. 
I felt like a vampire with her first taste of blood.
I decided there and then I was going to make my fortune doing this. And realised I could either spend my time being a decent affiliate marketer, working hours a day for mediocre results ... OR ... I could aim to be the best at this on the planet. 

It was an easy choice. I mean, why slave away for average results when you can slave away and bring in the big bucks.

Since then I’ve worked obsessively every single day. 

I’ve fallen asleep at my computer more times than I can remember. I’ve survived on coffee ... stayed up until 4am sometimes just to talk be online when someone I wanted to talk was there ... even finished up new campaigns as the sun rose outside. 

I’ve gone to events all over the globe and stayed up until dawn at the bar where the smart people hang out.  

It’s amazing how powerful this is – I’ve picked up gems you’d never read online or get at a conventional seminar. 

It’s the only way to keep up with what’s going on and what’s changing. Except of course this workshop because I’ll give you the latest, cutting edge information you need. 

(Plus you get lifetime access to me and other attendees so you get the latest developments immediately. I’ll explain this in a second.)

I’ve dumped tens of thousands of dollars into campaigns which flopped just to find a way to create my next massive winner. 

I’ve had more accounts shut down than most people have had hot dinners. 

And you know what?

I loved every tough second of it. 

I’ve perfected systems for creating accounts, skirting around Facebook’s policies and creating monster, winning campaigns without Facebook even noticing. 

And that’s what this exclusive workshop is all about.

You’re going to learn my inner most secrets and strategies for creating cash-rich affiliate campaigns on Facebook and protecting yourself against any policy Facebook could throw at you. 

And even if you’ve seen me on a large stage before then let me assure you. What I present on stage is really good content. However this workshop starts where those events finish off. 

It’s what you’d call ‘the good stuff’.
This is a Theory-Free Zone
This workshop is a theory-free zone too. Everything you learn has been tested in the real world personally by me with my own money. 

 I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of my own money trying new things, and the only stuff you’ll hear about has put serious money in my bank account. 

So let me set the record straight. 

I’m not asking you to invest your money and 2 days on something you can learn in an eBook or on a public forum. 

You’re only getting the latest, cutting-edge information from the underground, and my network and I is where people go to learn it. 

So let’s talk about the gems I’m going to be giving you.  
Day One

Session 1. 

More accounts ... ready sooner ... and lasting longer
The biggest problem with Facebook affiliate campaigns is getting shut down, especially as soon as the money starts coming in.

So what if you had literally hundreds of ad accounts all sitting there ready to go?

They shut one down, you’ve got another one ready to go. 

They shut that one down and you switch to another one. 

You see, I’m not going to promise you your accounts won’t get shut down. They will and that’s life and you have to deal with it. 

It’s not personal, it’s the cat and mouse game we play. 

The trick is you can’t have just a couple of accounts. You need 100 or more.

And it takes skill to get that many accounts, and getting them looking legit and ready to go. 

Plus you don’t want to waste weeks warming them up either.
So I’m going to show you how to get your hands on hundreds of ad accounts each with unique banking details from Europe and the USA all coming from different IP addresses so when one account goes you don’t risk the others.
Better still I’ll give you my personal contacts to set all this up. 

You’re also going to get my golden rules for avoiding your account getting flagged. And my personal process for warming up accounts in 7 days. Not a month or more like most affiliate marketers – even the top ones. 

And my rules for keeping your accounts alive longer.
Sound like a dream? It’s not. It’s real and I’m giving it all to you on a plate.
I’ve tried just about everything and I can tell you with absolute certainty, the system I give you works the fastest and I (or even other elite underground affiliates I know) haven’t been able to top it. 

Oh, and by the way if this sounds like a lot of work don’t worry. What I’ll show you about managing your workload later on will literally blow your mind and totally change the game for you. 

Imagine doubling the number accounts you’ve got. You’d double your profits, right? What about 5 times or 10 times the number of active accounts?

That’s what I’ve perfected and after this workshop you’ll have it too. 

One more thing, did I mention you’ll also be part of my private chat group where I share new strategies I’m using to keep on top of Facebook. Facebook doesn’t stay still for long, so as they change my tactics will change too.
Session 2. 

Maximising your ROI on every campaign
Imagine a 10%, 20% or even 50% increase. On some campaigns you can literally double your ROI. 

Hell, my best result was a 700% ROI. 

You might think you know some of this stuff already however let me assure you. Most top affiliate marketers are only scratching the surface on what’s really possible. 

They haven’t gone deep like I have which is why most of them are struggling too. 

Not me. I’ve walked the walk and know dozens and dozens of ways to boost your ROI at every step of the process. 

For example you’ll learn how pixel tracking really works and how to exploit it to the max. Most people just do the basics however when you know how powerful it is you’ll rake in monster profits. 

And you’ll get the low down on building superior lists in less time by knowing exactly what to do with the data your pixels pull back. 

You and I both know the time with your campaigns might be limited so the sooner you make money the better, right? 
Session 3. 

Setting up your campaign to instantly lower your CPC
In this session I’m taking you live through setting up a campaign step by step. 

Remember, I hang around the world’s top affiliate marketers and they share their inner most strategies with me. And then I test everything with my own money before ever showing anyone else. 

It’s ‘FBQueen’ approved!

Which means get ready to take pages and pages of notes or follow along on your computer very quickly. 

You’re going to discover how to set up and optimize campaigns for the lowest possible CPC and CPA. 

I’m not stopping there either because I’m going to show you sneaky ways to increase engagement on your ads so your ad quality goes through the roof - even before you release it to the public. 

Imagine what this is going to do for you. 

Now this wraps up day one. And if you’ve got a drop of rebellious blood in your body then today’s sessions will add easily 6 figures to your bottom line.

Next I’m going to take you out for tea for a chance to unwind and talk shop some more. 

It won’t be a massively late night though because you’re going to want to be fresh for tomorrow. 

And in case you think you need to get me on the booze to get some hot tips then think again. 

There’s not one scrap of knowledge in my head you won’t be learning during the days, so make sure you’re rested and raring to go on day two.
Day two

Session 4

All the tech bits you need to know
Remember how I told you that you need to know how to set up Facebook before coming here?

There’s a reason for this, and this session is it. 

I’m taking you through all the technical things you need to know to get going faster, keep your accounts alive longer and boost your ROI. 

Which means if you’re a newbie to affiliate marketing then don’t come. You’re going to be lost in 5 minutes.

You’ll discover my perfect setup on running your campaigns, from the servers to use, the best way to track your campaigns and how to use cloaking properly and cover your tracks. 

You know how this is a game of cat and mouse ... and you’re the mouse?
You’ll be Speedy Gonzales and Facebook’s going to be like Garfield. ;)
They aren’t catching you any time soon!

That’s because you’re going to discover the latest things Facebook are doing to crack down on ‘unorthodox’ techniques and how to be 3 steps ahead. 

Listen, it’s all about the setup. Get this right and they’ll take ages to catch you. And if you’re getting your accounts shut down then this session will skyrocket your profits starting with the very next account you set up.
Session 5

Spying on your competition
By now you know I don’t mess around. So I’d be crazy to start a campaign from scratch when I can just follow what everyone else is doing. This saves time, and the more time you save the faster you make money. 

Get them out and get them up. 

That’s why I’m always spying on my competition and seeing what they’re doing. And I’m going to take you through exactly what I do to get deep inside other people’s campaigns to copy them ... then beat them. 

Even smarter, I’ll show you how to find out what other people are doing so you can take their best bits and use them yourself. 

And sure there’s software to do this except most of it sucks. 

However there’s one tool which is kicks arse and it’s $800 a month. It’s not quite as good as you doing it yourself though which is why you need to add this skill to your arsenal. 

However it’s pretty close, and as a massive bonus I’m going to personally introduce you to the guy who wrote it. 

And you need this referral because this is real cloak and dagger stuff. If you don’t have a personal referral from someone he trusts then forget it. 

Not only will he refuse to sell it to you, you won’t even be able to find him. 

Now I’ve got to warn you. Being in the room does NOT mean you’ll get a referral. I refer most people who want it, however if it turns out you’re an idiot and you’re going to ruin it for everyone else then forget it. 

Let me stress this ... if you’re deadly serious about making money and I trust you to use this tool discretely then you’ll get it. If not though then forget it. I won’t stick my neck out for anyone.
Session 6

Putting it all together – Scaling And Accelerating
OK, so far you’ve learned a ton of new ways to get more accounts and keep them running longer, boost your ROI, spy on your competition, tactics for setting up your high profit campaigns and creating a following at break neck speed. 

Could it get any better?

You bet. 

That’s what the final session is all about – pulling it all together so you can double, even triple what you’re making in the next 4 weeks. 

You see, if you’re creating 5 accounts a week then how much more will you make by going to 20?

What happens when you increase your ROI by 40%?

Or when you slash the time it takes to get your next campaign up from 6 days to 3?

I don’t know what this is going to do for you, however it’s got to be worth tens of thousands a week, right?

So …
… I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom.
I’m pulling it all together into a comprehensive masterplan so you can scale and profit fast. 

You’ll see how to make all the pieces work together so you can create campaigns as successful as mine. 

And best of all you’ll know how to recruit your own team to do all the work. 

How do you think I go on all these holidays and talk at all these conferences if I was still working 16 hour days?

Of course if you still want to work 16 hour days you can. And you’ll still make more money by having your own team. So I’m showing you how to hire staff and how to manage them. 

Oh, and BTW people like this don’t hang around the unemployment office. They’re specialised and damn hard to find. The good news is I’m going to show you exactly how to find them and create a crack team who do all the hard work for you.
Plus I’m giving you a special bonus worth $3,000
As a special bonus I’m giving you one hour of my time. One-on-one an hour of my time starts at $3,000 and that’s what you’re getting for free. 

However there’s a catch (and it’s not a bad one, trust me). 

You need to have your call with me within 2 weeks of the workshop. 

Sure, this sounds pretty harsh however there’s a good reason why. 

I know you’re some kind of person who takes serious action. Which means you’ll probably have everything up and running within a week. So if you’ve got questions I assume you’ll want to move fast. 

People wait weeks for time with me and you’re getting a guaranteed spot with me within 14 days. 

So basically I’m forcing you to use your call. Otherwise you might procrastinate and never do anything. And I desperately want you to succeed which is why I’m forcing the issue with you. 

And that’s not all. 

You’re not just getting the latest, most ground breaking techniques for creating money out of thin air with Facebook plus $3,000 worth of my time … 

... you’re also getting
  •    Access to my personal network of experts who can help you with pretty much anything your heart desires
  •    Access to my personally preferred cloaker - with a discount off the setup fee - so you can run any sort of campaign you want without Facebook knowing about it
  •    Access to my bulletproof IP solution
  •    Access to set up any number of credit cards - 100% legally 
  •    A personal referral to get the best internal spying software ever written 
  •    PLUS you’ll join a small but exclusive private chat group of elite Facebook affiliate marketers where you’ll be able to share cutting edge information few people will ever know about
You’re going to learn more profit-sucking information in 2 days than you would in 2 years hanging around forums and seminars.
I’m taking applications NOW and I only have 20 spots available.

Will one of spots be yours?
I’ve done everything I can to show you why you should be here. 

I’ve gone to great lengths to show you why getting inside my head is worth so much. 

Everything you’ll learn is tested and personally proven personally by me to make an absolute mountain of money. And remember, you get lifetime access to me via a private Facebook group ONLY for you and other people who join my high-end workshops. 

Plus you get 60 minutes of my time within the next 2 weeks where you can ask me anything you want.

And a personal introduction to my contacts and everything you need to set up hundreds of Facebook accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, IPs, cloaking and internal spying software.

I’ll even give you the people you need to set up your own team. 

And best of all I’m openly giving you every last ounce of my knowledge and experience so you can take off and earn whatever you want. 

This is your perfect chance to be taken behind the curtain and shown, then possess, the never-before revealed blackhat and whitehat strategies where you can earn anything you want – even millions of dollars for the rest of your ‘working’ life.

To my mind, and in the mind of others who have chosen to suck money out of Facebook it’s a no-brainer.

Especially considering what you’ll learn will pay for this workshop in following week at most and deliver you a lifestyle most people only dream about.

Will they be jealous of you?

Sure thing, but who cares. 

So ask yourself this question.

Can you really afford to ignore this opportunity?

An opportunity where you can living an extraordinary life, where the idea of working from the Greek Islands, the Caribbean or living on board a luxury cruise ship becomes a reality.

When you ‘get paid’ to be a Facebook rebel and the choice to live life 100% on your terms . . . this is YOUR chance to actually stop dreaming about it and start living it.

Your jet is boarding and there are only 20 seats. 

I’m already seated, waiting for you to get onboard . . . To get on board, simply click the button below.

We will set up a time to talk where I’ll make sure you’re the right kind of person, and if you are I’ll invite you straight in. 

Talk soon!

Christina Szekeres
PS. Where will you be in 30 days from now if you choose to do nothing? Probably still doing the same old shit, still trying the same strategies which stopped working 3 years ago, most likely setting up accounts and getting them shut down before you hit the next big pay day. 

Instead you could have dozens of accounts which last weeks, not days and pulling in huge sums of cash before Facebook even realises.
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Disclaimer: In no way am I making any claims, guarantees, or promises about your earning potential. Results are not typical and you will probably fail. It takes dedication, continuos hard work, and luck to succeed. If you are not serious about implementing all the information I give you, please do not attend my workshop.
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